ABOUT The Owner

Lansing’s Premiere Nail Supply Shop - By A Nail Tech, For Nail Techs  

The only thing more beautiful than a set of freshly done nails?

It’s gotta be the support and love of the people who create them!  

Welcome to ENL Supply - the nail supply shop by nail techs, for nail techs. 

I’m Luanda, and I’m the founder of Lansing’s first and only nail supply store - and one of Michigan’s first Black-owned nail supply stores. Some of you may know me from my time as a nail tech Elegant Nails by Luanda. 

From my first days doing nails for other people, I’ve felt welcomed by our community. Ever since, it’s been my mission to give back as much as I’ve gotten - and more.

As I spent time talking and working with other passionate, creative nail techs, I quickly realized how underserved we were out here in Lansing.  

People driving two hours to Detroit just to stock up on products? Unlicensed nail techs not feeling like they have access to the same products? Waiting for internet deliveries when clients are asking for same-day service?

That didn’t sit right with me. Because I know you, and I know we deserved something better.

So I created ENL Supply for us. For nail techs. And for the Lansing community. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or just getting started and working up to your manicurist license, you should have access to the best products, of the best quality, when you need them.

Better quality products for you means better quality care for your clients. Our acrylics and monomers are all manufactured right here in the US. And they contain absolutely no MMA. 

Then, you know we’ve got to take care of each other. Our same day, local delivery ensures you’ll always have what you need.

After all, we’re all part of the same community, and communities take care of each other. 

That’s always been the beauty I felt working as a nail tech, and that’s the beauty I want to give back to y’all with ENL Nail Supply.

Luanda Coleman, CEO

CEO and Owner