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About this experience

Nail Prep: 

The most important step before applying any Nail Enhancents and Manicures on the natural nails. We will work together on the proper techniques of  

  • Trimming and Shaping

  • Exfoliating and trimming the cuticles

  • Buffing the natural nail surface properly

  • Using a sanding band on the natural nails

  • What diamond bits are helpful 

  • What Hand files are safe to use

 You will lern how to properly prep the nail plate before applying any nail anhancement. whether it be Acrylic, Hard Gel, Soft Gel, Gel Polish and even before you apply REGULAR POLISH! The nail plate should be free of all dirt and nautural oils and shine. Nail Prep ENSURES a long healthy nail set. So, if you have clients coming back telling you they had a nail lift from the cuticle (base) of the nail before it did a clean pop...THEN AJUST YOUR PREP ROUTINE FIRST!  

Dont worry, I got you! Book this class and Let Me be Your Nail Tutor!!


Nail Tip/Nail Form Application and Shaping:

Having the correct size Nail Tip prevents enhancement from breaking in the middle or lifting from the tip of the nail plate or sides. A strong foundation is needed to hold up your Acrylic or Gel Foundation. Same goes for Nail forms. Properly cutting and fitting the form to fit each type of nail shape is crucial to the longevity of the enhancement. Pre Shaping the Nial Tip works as a guide for your acrylic or Gel product. Practicing the proper technique to shaping the nail speeds up your nail service significantly! Lets get into the things we will learn in this Mini Course...

  • Correct Tip Sizes to fit the nail plate

  • How to Shape the nail Tip

  • Correct Files to use and how to hold your files

  • Tip Blending 

  • Correct way to fit the form to the nail

  • Education on why we do thing this way

We all Know that the Foundation and Shape of the nails can MAKE or BREAK a nail set! working on these techniques will help in making you another BOMB NAIL TECH out here in these streets! Let me be your Nail Tutor!

Acrylic Foundation and Finish Filing:

Before you even get happy to start doing all those cute Instagram/ TikTok nail designs... you need to practice on your foundation! I know we get anxious to try the cutest nail designs but try not to overwelm yourself while your practicing.    But its okay!,  we're going to work on that. Here are some of the proper techniques we will learn in this course...... 

  • Bead Ratios

  • 1,2 and 3 Bead Method application

  • Apex Placement

  • Finish filing

  • Cuticle are application and e-filing

This class is the most important class to take and may be harder for some but Practice make perfect. Nails are a unique skill to learn and NONE of us professionals started off perfect! We PRACTICED, PRACTICED AND PRACTICED. Let me be your Nail Tutor!


E-File Training:

I know the thought of using an efile is scary, but its at the top of the must have list for anyone that does nails. An Electronic- Nail File (E-File) does almost everything a handheld Nail File would, but in half the time. As efficient as an E-File is, its very important to know how to use it properly on yourself or anyone else. improper use causes overfiling of the natural nail plate, cutting live skin, heat spike and just flat out scary as heck when it do that little spinny thing around the finger ( I can clue you in on why that happens) lol. we will learn the proper techniques on....

  • How to hold your E-File

  • How to file on natural nails

  • How to down acrylic

  • Using different types of Drill Bits

  • Learning what is and How to utilize your "fulcrum Finger)

 The more ways you find to speed up your service, the more clients you could get in the day. Which maximizes your income. lets talk more about it, Let me be your nail tutor!

Basic Nail Designs:

Now here goes the extra Fun! Lets get into some designs! We will go over some basic nail designs that most clients ask for during a Nail Service. They are quick to do and is a perfect add on for nail services. Master the art of simple nail designs and your creativity will take over from there. We will work on Nail Designs such as...

  • Transfer Foil Application

  • A few Marble Techniques

  • Sugar/glitter Nail

  • Inlay Design ( design ecapsulated under acrylic) 

  • Rhinestone Application

  • French Tip

  • Rhinestone Application

Nail are all about having fun...PERIOD. It should never stress you our or even discourage you. Everyone is unique in their own way. This is the best way to let that Talent SHINE! Let me be your Nail Tutor!



Your Host

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I'm Luanda (Loo-ahn-duh) and I am Your Nail Tutor! I have been doing Nails for over 5 years. I started off learning off of YouTube and realized that being in the industry in every way was a passion of mine. I went to and Graduated with honors from Protégé Academy less than a year after picking up my first cuticle bead! I was HOOKED! After servicing my amazing community for a couple years, I decided i wanted to do more and to bring more. So I opened My city's very first and only Nail Supply Store (ENL Nail Supply*TM). Now I am looking to help Nail techs of all kind in different areas in their career and those who just enjoy pampering themselves at home. Let Me Be Your Nail Tutor!