ENL Acrylic Starter Set

ENL Acrylic Starter Set

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Ideal For Aspiring & Accomplished Nail Techs, The ENL Acrylic Starter Set Has What You Need To Set Nails Faster And Better Than Before

  1. Our monomer is *always* MMA free for a safer, gentler experience for your clients’ nails
  2. Available in Dark Pink, Super White, and Crystal Clear color options for your convenience
  3. Each component of our ENL Acrylic Starter Set set is made right here in the USA
  4. Three sets available as you grow in experience: Standard, Pro, and Elite

With Standard, Pro, and Elite Versions Of Our ENL Acrylic Starter Set, You’ll Have The Right Tools For Wherever You Are In Your Career

Whether you’re just starting out as a nail technician or you’ve made your way to the top of your game, the ENL Acrylic Starter Set.

After all, we’ve made it our mission to support nail technicians of all skill levels with the best quality materials.


Most importantly of all, our monomer is MMA free. MMA has been connected to nail damage, nail loss, and other complications, and unfortunately is still available in nail products - including those available on popular online sites.

By giving your clients the best service possible, you’ll get to have the nail tech career you deserve.

That’s why more and more nail techs are choosing our ENL Acrylic Starter Set. Order yours today!

The Perfect, Long-Lasting, Chip-Resistant Acrylic You’ve Been Waiting For!

  • Guaranteed for up to 3 weeks with NO fading, chipping, or cracking
  • Each set includes:
    • 1 x 8 oz ENL Liquid Monomer
    • 3 x 2 oz Acrylic

Acrylic included in each kit:

1 x Clear Acrylic
1 x Dark Pink Acrylic
1 x Super White Acrylic
1 x 8oz Monomer

Made With Pride in Lansing, MI

As Lansing’s first-ever nail supply store, it’s our pride and our purpose to deliver you with the best products and services to help you launch and grow your business as a nail tech. No matter where you are on your journey, we’re here for you!

Accessorize To Upgrade

Paired with our KADS brush, this is the perfect starter set for anyone looking to start doing their own nails, begin their career as a nail tech, or upgrade their current equipment.

Who We Are

ENL is Lansing MI, first ever nail supply store! We pride ourselves on delivering excellent products and services while also having affordable prices.