24/48w Sun Led Lamp

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Our sun-led gel lamp is the go-to gel lamp for any nail tech. This nail lamp is designed to cure gel quickly and effectively. The sun gel lamp is designed in a beautiful pearl white color and is easy to clean and maintain. The sun gel lamp has led lamps to make sure your gel applications are fully cured.

The built-in sensors on the sun nail lamp turn the lamp off automatically when the customer's hands are removed or the timer ends. This UV-LED nail lamp is perfect for almost all nail gels and protects eyes and skin from UV light. The nail dryer UV-led lamp has 48w of power to allow for fast curing times, and this lamp can also be changed to 24w if a slower or lower amount of power is needed.


  • Power: 24/48W
  • Type: LED Lamps
  • Power Source: electric

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