10 pack Large Buffing Blocks

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Our 10pack large buffing blocks material of the nail buffers is a very dense sponge and it has extremely fine sanding on the 4 sides and is convenient to use. This 10pack large buffing blocks are lightweight and portable, flexible and easy to use.

This 4 way nail buffing block shape the nail, leaves the nail smooth, and this is a perfect grooming tool for acrylic nails, false nail tips, natural nails. This 4-way manicure pedicure tools nails buffer has no more imperfect surfaces, dents, or nails cut. This 4 way nails buffer is color resistant, flexible, and shiny resistant to any test. This 4-way nail buffing block is ​suitable for removing nail wedges and smoothing.


  • Quantity: 10 pack
  • Material: sponge

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