ENL Acrylic Starter Set

ENL Acrylic Starter Set

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The only set you need to get started with acrylic nails. The ENL Acrylic Starter Kit has everything you need and with all the prmium quaility products included, it will be easy to get your first set of acrylic nails done! This set includes ALL of the basics you will need to succed. 

What you get:

1 x 8oz Nail Liquid
1 x 56g Clear Acrylic Powder
1 x 56g Dark Pink Acrylic Powder
1 x 56g White Acrylic Powder
1 x 10ml Nail Primer
1 x 10ml PH+ (Dehydrator & Bonder in one!)
1 x 100% Kolinsky Nail Brush

This is the kit you need to make those perfect nail sets and get started on your nail journey! 

Get the ENL Acrylic Starter Set today while supplies last! 

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